your first visit

On your first visit you will fill out a case history / patient history that will describe what complaint(s) brought you to our office, and your past medical history that will help the doctor understand the possible causes of your present issues that brought you to the office for evaluation and treatment.

The doctor will perform a spinal exam, observe  your posture and gait, manually examine your spine and supporting tissue, and the balance or lack of balance in your neuromusculo¬≠skeletal system. We no longer take x-rays in our office, but if it is determined necessary after the initial examination, Dr. Morris will set up those up with a local diagnostic center here in the Spartanburg area. A disc of the films, and a report from the radiologist will be sent to the office within 24-48 hours.

With this information in mind, Dr. Morris will begin a course of treatment including muscle-stim, heat, stretching, manual therapy, disc-traction, and firm, yet gentle adjustment(s) to begin the process of restoring the balance, and spinal range of motion necessary for the patient to get their neuromusculoskeletal health back.

Most patients will notice some improvement(s) in their very first visit or within 24 hours of their first  treatment. Those improvements may last for a few hours or a few days, but some noticeable improvement(s) just the same. It is important to remember even with the improvement on the first visit, it took time for most patients to get their spines in trouble ... it only makes sense that it will take time to get back to "normal." Be patient and realize that you are starting a new journey to restore your spinal health ... the first visit is just the first step.

Dr. Morris will recommend at the end of your first visit what additional care is needed. Woodland Chiropractic Center does not make the patient sign a contract for future treatment or attempt to talk the patient into long term treatment. Chiropractic care is not a "magic bullet" that fixes all of your spinal issues in one magical visit ... so further care is necessary in the majority of our new patients to reach their health goals.

Between the information given about the patient's condition, and the results achieved on the first visit, most patients are eager to do whatever it takes to get back in the game of life again. Regular, systematic treatment is always best, but only the patient can determine what their health goals are, and how they would like to achieve those goals.

Dr. Morris  has a good reputation in the health care commun¬≠ity for informing his patients if he feels that Chiropractic is not the best approach to alleviating their spinal issues. This determination may take 10-14 days of regular, systematic treatment, but after the initial weeks of care, there should be significant, noticeable improvement. If not, then he will refer or recommend the patient to other health care professionals, either traditional or alternative, for evaluation and treatment.