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The Woodland Chiropractic Center offers a conservative approach to neuromusculoskeletal related health issues without drugs or surgery.

The office is the solo practice of Dr. Paul W. Morris. He is an experienced and compassionate chiropractor who utilizes a combination of 34 years of clinical experience with careful evaluation, patient education, and a complete system of updated traditional chiropractic and therapeutic care designed to help his patients from DAY ONE to see improvement in their presenting complaints, and get one day closer to getting back into the game of life.

Dr. Morris recommends the level of treatment each patient needs to have the best chance to reach their health goals. It took time to get into the shape that brings you to our office, so it only makes sense that the recovery will take some time too .... but Woodland never makes their patients sign a contract for the care they receive. Results will speak for themselves ... and the patient wants to return for the care they need and want ... no strings attached.

The bottom line is that YOU ... not your insurance company or even your doctor, are responsible for your own health. You must take charge of your own health, and make decisions that positively influence your well-being. No one can do that besides you ... Informed patients make better choices about their care in our office. It's all up to YOU!